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In This Issue:

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Address any questions or comments regarding this newsletter to the individual authors listed after each article or to its editor, Rick Weinzierl, , weinzier uiuc. To receive email notification of new postings of this newsletter, call or write the same number or address.

This issue's words of wisdom Notes from Chris Doll spring temperatures, flower bud set and survival, planting new trees, notes on the Small Fruit and Strawberry School, apple cultivars. Notes from Chris Doll Wet weather, phenology, thinning, codling moth, and temperature trends. Fruit Production and Pest Management new fungicides for small fruit crops, pheromone traps for fruit insects.

Field prep is underway throughout the southern region, and pruning of fruit trees continues. Temperatures have been all over the board--well above, well below, and sometimes right at the average temperature. Some of the early spring flowers have been tip burned by frost. Temperatures hovered around 20 degrees F in the St.

Louis area on Sunday evening, March 13, but the next few days warmed up a bit--lows hover right around freezing with daytime highs in the 40s up to the 60s. Be sure to check the list of upcoming programs on the next page Elizabeth Wahle ; wahle uiuc.

In northern Illinois , day temperatures in the upper 20s to 50s, and night temperatures in the low teens to low 30s characterized the first half of March. The area recorded unusually high temperatures on March 6, with highs in the 60s to low 70s.

The region received about 0. Pruning of brambles, grapes, and tree fruits is ongoing. Maurice Ogutu ; ogutu uiuc. Here are a few dates to add to your calendar. April 9,Viticulture Workshop a. April 14,Twilight Meeting for Tree Fruit Growers p. May 13,May 21,Central Illinois -Location to be announced. May 26,June 25, Viticulture Workshop a. What began as a potentially very early spring has now evolved into maybe a "normal" spring.

March has been relatively cool, and recent days have seen lows near freezing. As a result, peach and apple buds show only slight swelling, and the early bloom of pussy willow has not gone much further. Chris Eckert has reported that green tip apple sprays were applied on March 16, , and the Back 40 was sprayed on the 18th. We are both ready to spray when needed. The rest period is over and the next warm spell will result in rapid bud growth.

Several blocks of dwarfed apples were inspected during the past week, and flower bud set is excellent. M9 and B9 really induce flower bud set. For the more vigorous larger trees, the set is affected by last years crop and weather. Reports continue to come in about variable bud kill of peaches. Some blocks of Red Haven are 90 percent alive and others are nearly a total loss, with Loring in the same orchard showing enough live buds for a crop.

Soil conditions have firmed and dried in March, and we have soils ready for planting. Early planting usually makes for optimum growth, especially if soil conditions are optimum. But I have seen mistakes from rushing the planting without proper soil preparation and tree placement at improper depth. Apple trees should be planted inches deeper than grown in the nursery, and the bud union above the ground line far enough to prevent scion rooting in future years.

Peach trees should be planted at near the same depth as they were in the nursery. Deep planting of peach trees can lead to trees failing to make brace roots for anchorage and therefore the trees tend to wallow.

It is the time of the year that some branching induction attempts can be made on young, vigorous shoots of apple trees, especially varieties like Reds, Granny Smith and Fuji. Bud notching, the art of using a sharp knife to slice into the xylem just above a bud on a long inch shoot, is done sometime ahead of bud break.

The second method is mix Promalin at 0. Use a brush or sponge and time it when terminal buds begin to swell. Thornless blackberries need to be pruned and tied as soon as possible to avoid breaking off many of the emerging buds which will develop into the flowering shoots.

The same reason is why grapes are pruned early, as the emerging grape buds are very easily knocked off. An excellent Proceedings was published that included articles on blackberries, blueberries and plasticulture strawberries among others on varieties. Center if she is contacted at baly uiuc.

Barclay Poling of North Carolina said that good plastic laying is very important for success, as is freeze and frost control. John Strang of Kentucky described their trellising system for thornless blackberries and the use of Osmocote for fertilizing blueberries. Our Dr. Elizabeth Wahle laid out the essentials for planting blueberries in Illinois, and Dr.

Bob Skirvin of Illinois has included write-ups of varieties of strawberries, brambles, and grapes. The strawberry variety list includes Earliglow and Honeoye, which have been grown since and respectively.

Fruit Sensory Characteristics" pagesIt summarizes the work of 10 researchers across the U. Under crispness, Creston was first, followed by Honeycrisp and Goldrush. Honors for appearance tended toward Enterprise and Golden Supreme. However, the conclusion was that "no single cultivar developed superior sensory qualities across all sites.

Figure 1. Average temperature departure from historic means, March ,Average winter temperatures for were higher than they were last year and were warmer than normal. However, we are considerably behind in degree-day accumulations compared to one year ago. How is that possible you might ask? Temperatures in March thus far have been 2 to 6 degrees below normal across the state Figure 1.

Degree-day accumulations from January 1 through mid-March of and are compared in Table 1. Throughout the growing season you can check on degree-day accumulations on insects and growing degree-days for crops at the Degree-Day Calculator www. The degree-day calculator is an internet tool developed to assist Illinois producers in making pest management decisions using pest development models and Illinois climate data.

A collaborative effort between the Integrated Pest Management program Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois and the Illinois State Water Survey Illinois Department of Natural Resources , the degree-day calculator provides users with the ability to determine degree-day accumulations for specific pests of field crops, fruits, and vegetables in Illinois.

The calculator tracks and projects the growth of insect pests and crops in Illinois. It is designed to help the user determine when to monitor for specific insect stages that may be approaching in their region and aid in subsequent management decisions. Just as importantly, it provides this information in an up-to-date format that is designed to be user-friendly. Currently, degree-day calculations can be generated for 30 different insects at each of 19 weather sites.

The degree-day calculator can also generate contour maps for specific insects and base temperatures. If the user wants to compare degree-day accumulations between different locations, the map function affords them this option. Whether determining degree-days at one site or creating a contour map, both of these functions can project degree-day accumulations one and two weeks into the future.

Information is also provided to describe the relationship between insect developmental stages and degree-day accumulations as well as a background section on how degree-days are calculated.

Additional information on the insects life cycle, potential injury, scouting procedures, and management can be found via a link to an insect fact sheet on the IPM web site. During the course of the spring and summer, we will make reference to degree-days and approaching insect stages. We hope that you too take advantage of this tool and use it to stay on top of developing insect problems. Kelly Cook ; kcook8 uiuc. Figures 2 and 3. Average winter temperatures for andAverage winter temperatures for December through February in Illinois were approximately five degrees warmer than they were a year ago.

These warmer winter temperatures favored increased survivorship of the corn flea beetle and the disease-causing bacteria it vectors. Corn flea beetles are the primary vector of Erwinia stewartii, the bacterium that causes Stewart's wilt of corn.

The bacterium survives the winter in the gut of the corn flea beetle, and survival of the corn flea beetle is dependent on winter temperatures. Warmer winters result in greater survivorship of corn flea beetles, thus increasing the potential for Stewart's wilt. Using the average temperature of December, January, and February, the potential of Stewart's wilt can be predicted Table 2. Table 2. Projected risk of Stewart's wilt based on the average temperatures of December, January, and February.

The bacterium can spread systemically throughout the plant. Although most commercial field corn hybrids are resistant to Stewart's wilt, the disease is still a concern for susceptible seed corn inbreds and sweet corn hybrids.

Moth is a rare, but big, problem

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Best Wineries around Vestaburg, MI

Local Information. New Local Information. This property is not currently for sale or for rent on Trulia. The description and property data below may have been provided by a third party, the homeowner or public records. Home Highlights. No Info. Heating only. Home Details for N Crystal Rd.

Healthy Fruit 2010 Vol. 18:11

Organic grower John Hickerson of New Jersey has a big pest problem. About two years ago, he began noticing that some of the shoots in the trees would die out in late August. From a distance, it looked like fireblight, but on closer inspection, he found that an insect had been boring into the branches. He sent an infested branch to Rutgers University scientists, who identified the culprit as the leopard moth Zeuzera pyrina.

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Best Places to Live in Vestaburg (zip 48891), Michigan

He recorded a plat in and became the first postmaster on September 14,Montcalm County is a county in the U. As of the Census, the population was 66, What counties are in Grand Rapids Michigan? It comprises four counties which include Barry, Ionia, Kent, and Newaygo.

Appendix A: Insect Degree-Day Models

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With the trees gone agriculture became a major source of employment as grain, corn and potatoes were raised, fruit trees were planted and dairy farming.


Skip to content. First dogwood borer DB egg hatch roughly: JunePeak hatch roughly: JulyIn most orchards, insecticide targeted against plum curculio and apple maggot prevent codling moth damage.

Montcalm county records search

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When was vestaburg michigan founded?

April 28, - December 13, 60 years old. Vestaburg , Michigan. Echovita offers a solidarity program that gives back the funds generated to families. We are sad to announce that on December 13, we had to say goodbye to Jeffrey Marshall of Vestaburg, Michigan. You can send your sympathy in the guestbook provided and share it with the family. You may also light a candle in honor of Jeffrey Marshall or send a beautiful flower arrangement to the funeral service.

Energize Your Soil. Elevate Your Crops.

Download Resource. Blueberry fruit fly, Rhagoletis mendax Curran is a native insect that looks almost identical to apple maggot, except that it attacks blueberries, not apples. The insect is also known as blueberry maggot. It occurs statewide.

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